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We welcome Chwayitile Kiva, the new Lab Manager of the Vrygrond Computer Lab

We are looking forward to an exciting year 2018! Already in January, we faced some changes in our Vrygrond Computer Lab. We had to say our goodbyes to our old Lab Manager, Linamandla. He has supported the Lab since 2013 and become Lab Manager in 2016. But we are also happy to welcome our new Lab Manager, Chwayitile, who started in his new position in January.  We look forward to working with him and also had some questions for him.

Welcome, Chwayitile. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, your education and things you like to do.
I am Chwayitile Kiva and I was born in King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape Province in 1994. This is also the place where I grew up. From the early age I have developed leadership skills during open sport programs at school.
I attended primary school in my home village Ntonga and went to the Lukhozi High School afterwards. After Grade 10 I changed to Archie Velile High School, which is where I became captain for rugby team in 2010 and sport president 2011.
2013 I moved to Vrygrond in the Western Cape. 2016 I attended the False Bay Technical and Vocational Education and Training as a student of the Public Management program to further my studies at False Bay College.
I like reading newspapers and watching the news, because I always want to stay informed of what it is happening in my country and other countries as well. When I am at home I often watch sports, especially rugby, soccer and cricket.

What connects you with the Vrygrond Computer Lab?
What connects me with the lab is that we are sharing the common vision “Giving opportunity to community members to develop themselves by using IT”.

What are your goals for the first year in your new position?
My goals for this year in my position is to learn and ensure the efficient running of the Lab and that the courses are taking place at the Lab. I will also focus on the recruitment of more community members for the Basic Computer Course. As a Lab Manager I want to provide the best Basic Computer Course to our students.

What would you expect from volunteers coming to the Vrygrond Computer Lab?
Volunteers and Lab manager should maintain professional relationship, to ensure effective and efficient running of the lab. Volunteers should be acknowledging the separation of duties.

What do you wish for the Vrygrond Community?
The Vrygrond Community members must feel free to come and profit from the best services we are offering, so that they can develop themselves through IT.  My wish is that more investors are coming to shape the future of Vrygrond Community through skills development.

The VCL-Team: Christian, Chwayitile and Thabiso

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